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InterGlobix participates in Henrico Global Connectivity Enhancements Webinar

February 2021

PTC Executive Interview: InterGlobix President & IEIC Executive Director, Vinay Nagpal interviews PTC Board of Governors, President & Chair, Tim Logue

January 2021

InterGlobix participates in Henrico Sustainability Webinar along with Henrico, Facebook, Dominion, QTS and Flexential

November 2020

InterGlobix President Vinay Nagpal interviewed by Isabelle Paradis, Founder & President of Hot Telecom

ITW 2019
June 2019

Video cue: 2m 42s / 4m 45s

InterGlobix President Vinay Nagpal speaking about the resurgence in the subsea industry and its importance to the global Internet Infrastructure

QTS Richmond NAP Summit 2019
May 2019

Video cue: 0m 39s & 2m 48s / 3m 38s

InterGlobix President Vinay Nagpal discussing the convergence of Datacenters, Subsea & Terrestrial Fiber with Stephen Nielsen of STF Events

SubOptic 2019
April 2019

Video cue: 7m 11s / 13m 59s

InterGlobix President Vinay Nagpal talks to Data Economy‘s João Marques Lima through the company’s strategy, market expansion and the edge computing trends disrupting the marketplace.

Data Economy
February 2019

Video length: 5m 15s