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Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee (IEIC), is an independent committee that promotes Internet diversity forming global Internet nexus points. The mission of IEIC is to partner with communities globally to create new Internet nexus points through partnership with local municipalities, academia and businesses.

The IEIC Founding Members are an elite group of industry luminaries from various industries worldwide who have come together with a common mission – to diversify the Internet and transform various regions around the world with additional jobs, economic, social and financial benefits.

IEIC Board Members

Misson: to diversify the Internet and transform various regions around the world with additional jobs, economic, social and financial benefits.

Industries Represented: Banking, Healthcare, Hospitality, Financial, Academic, Automobile, Gaming, Data Center, Subsea Fiber, Terrestrial Network Carrier and Network Equipment Manufacturer.


World’s leading data center- and carrier- neutral interconnection platform, DE-CIX provides premium interconnection services including Cloud Exchange and Peering services. DE-CIX operates several carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchanges in Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Asia. InterGlobix LLC has partnered with DE-CIX and led strategic data center deployments across North America and Asia. Founded in 1995, DE-CIX serves more than 2400 networks, 500+ data centers, 100+ access points. With deployments in five metros across US, the DE-CIX North America platform can reach 80% of the US population with ~15ms.

Loudoun Virginia

InterGlobix LLC is the International Business Ambassador of Loudoun County, Economic Development. As one of the fastest growing counties in the US, Loudoun County was recently honored with the coveted Gold Award for “Economic Development Organization of the Year” by the International Economic Development Council. InterGlobix has partnered with Loudoun County to help Indian companies establish a presence in the US in Loudoun County, Virginia. In addition to being the largest data center market globally, Loudoun is home to many industries including IT software, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing, Consulting Services, Government & Defense contracting and construction.

QTS Richmond NAP

InterGlobix President Vinay Nagpal Co-Founded the QTS Richmond NAP along with QTS Chief Revenue Officer and Internet pioneer Clint Heiden. The QTS Richmond NAP or Network Access Point represents the true convergence of data centers, subsea and terrestrial fiber. Built in the world’s fourth largest data center, the NAP provides access to three subsea cables (MAREA, BRUSA and DUNANT) and over 20 different networks. The DE-CIX node at the NAP provides localized peering and Cloud Exchange services in a completely distributed and diverse architecture. The QTS Richmond NAP was the genesis behind the formation of the Internet Ecosystem Innovation Committee (IEIC).

RTI Cables

RTI Cables owns and operates a subsea network spanning 38,110 kilometers and connecting three continents together. RTI’s subsea network is one of the most robust and well-connected subsea networks in the world with a strong position in the AsiaPac region. As part of the strategic relationship, InterGlobix LLC provides strategic business development and advisory support for the growth and expansion of RTI's global network and development of interconnection ecosystems. In addition, InterGlobix focuses on high-growth areas for RTI, including a robust strategy around carrier-neutral data centers which can serve dual-purposes of Colocation and being a Cable Landing Station (CLS) in markets including Guam, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore , Oregon and Australia.

Mangum Economics

Mangum Economics provides more than two decades of experience in the economic analysis of public policy at the local, state and national levels. InterGlobix LLC has partnered with Mangum Economics for providing economic reports covering impact of tax incentives, development opportunities presented by subsea cables, and the local return on investments in renewable energy facilities. Mangum has expertise in assessing the economic consequences of proposed regulations and government policies, economic impact assessment, and economic development. Mangum has extensive experience in the areas of technology infrastructure, renewable energy, data centers and connectivity.


CCG, a Morrison Hershfield Company provides professional engineering, technology planning, commissioning, and management consulting services for mission-critical and technology-intensive facilities. InterGlobix LLC has partnered with CCG on Mechanical and Electrical Plan (MEP) design and engineering for data center development projects. Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, CCG is a privately held corporation that has become a recognized industry leader. Since its founding, the firm has built a reputation on fairness, honesty and integrity.


Terrapinn is a global events company promoting innovation and technology that changes people's lives. Terrapinn partners with the world's leading companies and innovators to make a difference. Total Telecom (owned by Terrapinn) has been providing providing the connection between the buyers and sellers in the global telecom market since 1997. InterGlobix has partnered with Terrapinn and TotalTelecom on the content production and speaking engagements at several of their marquee events including Submarine Networks World, Submarine Networks EMEA, TelecomsWorld Asia, Connected UK, Connected Germany and others. InterGlobix President Vinay Nagpal serves on the Advisory Board of Submarine Networks EMEA.


BroadGroup was founded in 2002 with the aim of providing senior IT infrastructure executives and the enterprises they service a new perspective. BroadGroup is the leading company servicing market intelligence, networking, and sector coverage for data centre, cloud and the entire global IT storage and connectivity ecosystem, encompassing everything from technological developments to M&A and beyond. InterGlobix has partnered with BroadGroup on several event production including content preparation and speaking engagements.