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InterGlobix is proud to endorse Telxius Microsoft and Facebook MAREA Subsea Cable for Global Capacity Awards 2018

2nd October 2018, Washington DC – InterGlobix is proud to endorse Telxius, Microsoft and Facebook MAREA Subsea Cable connecting Bilbao, Spain to Virginia Beach, Virginia, for the Global Capacity Awards 2018 under the category: “Project of the Year – Subsea Networks”.

MAREA is the newest subsea cable with the maximum capacity to cross the Atlantic-ocean ever, supporting throughput of 160Tbps over 8 fiber pairs. Northern Virginia is the #1 data center market in the world, and according to Loudoun County Economic Development Board, over 70% of world’s Internet traffic passes through Loudoun County, Virginia. Until MAREA went live, this traffic from Virginia if destined to leave the eastern US seaboard, had to be first routed to either NY, NJ or FL to the subsea cables there. MAREA, not only provides the most direct link between the US Mid-Atlantic and Europe, but it also provides the most diverse connection between the US and Europe, at a point south of the existing Atlantic-ocean landings.

MAREA has been a catalyst for the economic development taking place in Virginia Beach and has lead the advances in the Internet Infrastructure in the region. As the first subsea cable to land in the state of Virginia, MAREA has been a pioneer in setting a precedence that will be tough to replicate – to be built in the record period of time of under two years and be the fastest cable with nearly three times capacity than other subsea cables. MAREA’s “open access” design offers the ability to upgrade equipment as new technology evolves to even further increase the throughput of this state-of-the-art subsea system.

MAREA will further drive additional connectivity, Cloud computing, colocation / data center growth and enhance the Internet Infrastructure ecosystem in the state of Virginia.

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