InterGlobix Magazine’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Jasmine Bedi, Bestowed with IM100 Award

Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) 2023 Awards bestow honor on digital infrastructure leaders for their outstanding contributions to the industry

HERNDON, Va., Nov. 15, 2023. In a significant nod to her visionary leadership and innovative approach to industry storytelling, Jasmine Bedi, the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of InterGlobix Magazine, has been awarded the IM100 award at the recently held 2023 iMasons Awards. The accolade recognizes her trailblazing work in creating a first-of-its-kind platform that celebrates the milestones and achievements within the data center and connectivity industry.

“I am deeply honored to receive the IM100 award from iMasons, which recognizes our commitment to excellence at InterGlobix Magazine,” said Jasmine Bedi. “This accolade reinforces our resolve to inspire through stories of innovation, inclusion, and sustainability in the digital infrastructure industry and beyond. It’s a tribute to the collective spirit of the people shaping this industry and the bright future we’re building together.”

This year’s iMasons Awards recognizes outstanding individuals from 15 countries across four categories: education, inclusion, sustainability, and innovation. The IM100 Award celebrates 100 individuals who raise industry awareness and inspire future generations to pursue technical careers. Jasmine Bedi’s recognition is a testament to her commitment to making a difference in both the industry and the connected future of society at large.

“Each year, the iMasons Awards spotlight the extraordinary achievements of those pushing boundaries and fostering innovation within the digital infrastructure industry,” said Dean Nelson, iMasons Chairman and Founder. “It’s our honor to recognize Jasmine Bedi with the IM100 award—a distinction that speaks to her exceptional influence and leadership. Jasmine’s work with InterGlobix Magazine exemplifies the spirit of progress and community that we at iMasons celebrate. She is a beacon of excellence, inspiring a new generation to dream bigger and aim higher in data center and connectivity advancements.”

Bedi’s journey in niche publications and luxury brand marketing spans two decades. She is esteemed for her strategic digital marketing prowess and ability to elevate luxury lifestyle brands to global prominence. Her career is decorated with tenures at illustrious companies, like Jaquet Droz luxury watches, part of The Swatch Group, Radisson Hotel Group, American Express, and international media titles Millionaireasia, and Pevonia Beauty Products, to name a few.

Under her astute guidance and supportive, empowering leadership, InterGlobix Magazine has emerged as a vanguard publication that pays homage to the industry’s key players while chronicling the transformative tales of technological advances. As Publisher, Bedi has curated content that resonates with and recognizes the movers and shakers on a global scale.

This pioneering publication is not just one-of-a-kind—it’s a comprehensive tapestry that weaves together the rich, complex narratives of a rapidly expanding industry with the finesse and depth these stories truly deserve. With a burgeoning global presence, InterGlobix Magazine is a tribute to the digital infrastructure industry—a sector of society that, while young, is the backbone of our ever-increasingly interconnected digital existence.

Each edition of InterGlobix Magazine is a voyage through the industry’s core themes, people, goals, and product/services. Readers are treated to a panorama of content ranging from in-depth analyses of leading data center operations to the pulsing veins of connectivity crisscrossing beneath our oceans and over our lands. This publication converges the silicon of technology with the silk of luxury, thereby providing a unique blend that caters to the taste of the discerning reader. Having just celebrated its third birthday earlier in 2023, the global publication has become a favorite of industry leaders in a short period of time.

The luxurious essence of the magazine is no accident; it’s a deliberate celebration of the lifestyle surrounding these technological marvels. It’s an acknowledgment that the individuals who drive this industry are not just engineers of the physical, but also connoisseurs of the finer things in life.

Bedi’s strategic insight stretches farther and wider than the realm of publications. She has been instrumental in conceptualizing and launching coveted industry events, including the AsiaSpa Awards and MillionaireAsia Awards, which have since become marquee events. She has likewise been instrumental in productizing a strategic event collaboration service, which InterGlobix has started offering to existing clients.

As President of InterGlobix, Jasmine Bedi’s role extends to orchestrating the company’s strategic direction and fostering its growth. Her leadership encompasses rigorous goal setting, workforce management, budget oversight, and resource allocation, ensuring every department’s objectives align with the company’s overarching vision. She is a steward of the brand’s mission, a guardian of its values, and a driver of its economic engine. With her at the helm, Interglobix Magazine is set to take the industry to new shores. The publication is also a media partner of iMasons.

About InterGlobix Magazine
InterGlobix Magazine is the first globally focused magazine in the industry focused on data centers, connectivity, luxury, and lifestyle. It is a forerunner in featuring information about the leading companies, experts, and technologies in digital infrastructure. InterGlobix Magazine is owned by InterGlobix LLC, a global consulting, advisory, and media firm dedicated to advancing digital infrastructure and driving economic growth. Focused on the convergence of data centers, terrestrial, and subsea fiber globally, InterGlobix offers strategic business consulting and marketing solutions for the data center and connectivity industries. To learn more, visit or

About Infrastructure Masons
Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) is a global, nonprofit, professional association of individuals connected and empowered to build a greater digital future for all. Since its launch in 2016, the organization has brought together 6,000 individuals across 130 countries, a community representing USD 150+ billion in infrastructure projects. iMasons provides an agnostic platform for members to connect, grow, and give back across four strategic pillars: Education, Inclusion, Innovation, and Sustainability. To date, iMasons has already contributed USD 1+ million in scholarships, launched Resource Groups including iMWomen, Armed Forces, LatinX, and Millennials-GenZ, and opened regional and local Chapters across four continents. In 2022, iMasons spearheaded the Climate Accord, uniting leaders on carbon reduction in digital infrastructure. To learn more, visit or LinkedIn.

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