Where Data Center, Subsea Fiber and Terrestrial Networks Converge

Join us for a half-day workshop about

  • The Interconnection hub on the eastern seaboard of the United States with direct low-latency connectivity from 2 Subsea Cables | EUROPE, LATAM, SOUTH AMERICA, AFRICA, ASIA
  • Join industry experts from terrestrial network providers, Internet companies, Internet Exchange providers, Subsea operators and Corporate Enterprises to hear about how a new major Interconnection hub is being formed in Virginia | QTS Richmond NAP
  • Hear about the importance of Public/Private partnerships and learn why Henrico County has been so successful within the Data Center and Connectivity industry
  • Date
    7th May 2019
  • Place
    QTS Richmond NAP
QTS Richmond NAP

Virginia Beach

Connectivity to and from LATAM, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia


Strategic location as a mid-point between VA Beach and Ashburn

QTS Richmond

2 Subsea Cables, 16 Terrestrial Networks, 2 Internet Exchanges, 2 SDN-Providers

QTS Richmond Network Access Point (NAP)

Subsea Traffic Distribution, Peering, Low-Latency, Interchange of IP Traffic, Layer 3 Routing


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