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    • Richmond NAP | Brainchild of Vint Cert,
      Clint Heiden & Vinay Nagpal13th May 2019, Telecom Ramblings
    • InterGlobix Partners with QTS Richmond NAP7th May 2019, JSA
    • SubOptic Day 3 Wrap-up featuring Vinay Nagpal10th April 2019, SubOptic2019
    • A day in the life of Vinay Nagpal1st March 2019, Capacity Magazine
    • InterGlobix leads the convergence charge18th February 2019, Capacity Media
    • Subsea pushes innovation and close collaboration with over-the-tops15th February 2019, Capacity Media
    • JSA's Telecom Exchange Announces CEO Roundtable on 'Pushing 5G to the Edge' for Inaugural TEX Dallas Event12th February 2019, JSA Telecom Exchange
    • Data Economy Editor João Lima interviews Vinay Nagpal 4th February 2019, BroadGroup Data Economy
    • Global Subsea Resurgence 14th January 2019, HotLINX54 (page 13)
    • Cloud Players Are Redrawing the Subsea Cable Map 4th December 2018, Data Center Frontier
    • InterGlobix becomes a member of SubOptic4th December 2018, Capacity Media
    • Vinay Nagpal explains the burgeoning Subsea Ecosystem growing in Virginia Beach30th November 2018, CAPRE
    • Global Subsea Resurgence7th November 2018, LINX YouTube Channel
    • Virginia Beach | The new Subsea Fiber Port1st November 2018, CEO Roundtable/JSA TV
    • Buckle Up : First Come The Cables, Then Comes The Carriers, Then The Asian Content Providers30th October 2018, CAPRE News & Insider Reports
    • InterGlobix is proud to support Ben Davenport for Mayor, Virginia Beach30th October 2018,
    • InterGlobix simplifies Connectivity Solutions for a better connected industry10th October 2018, Data Center Post
    • Connectivity Q&A with Vinay Nagpal: Manufacturers set to push the limits as we head into 2019 and beyond10th October 2018, CAPRE News & Insider Reports
    • JSA Announces New CEO Roundtables and Distinguished Industry Speakers at Telecom Exchange (LA) 2018 Event26th September 2018, JSA | PR Newswire
    • InterGlobix Magazine Partnered with Subnets World24th September 2018, Terrapinn
    • InterGlobix and Terrapinn Form New Media Partnership21st September 2018, JSA Blog
    • InterGlobix presentation on ‘Global Subsea Resurgence’20th August 2018, LINX
    • Virginia: The Data Center Capital Of The World24th May 2018, SubTel Forum
    • The Making of Data Center Alley13th March 2018, Loudoun County Economic Development
    • Data Center M&A Activity, Connectivity Innovations & More12th June 2015, The Business Journals