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InterGlobix is a member of the following industry organizations:

  • SubOptic Association

    SubOptic Association is the subsea industry's leading global trade organization. SubOptic Association has long been active in the international undersea communications industry and is best known for the triennial conference it organizes, widely considered to be the global summit of the submarine cable community.

  • International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC)

    ICPC was formed in 1958 and its primary goal is to promote the safeguarding of international submarine cables against man- made and natural hazards. The organization provides a forum for the exchange of technical, legal and environmental information about submarine cables and, with more than 170 members from over 60 nations, including cable operators, owners, manufacturers, industry service providers, as well as governments, it is the World’s premier submarine cable organization.

  • Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC)

    NVTC is the membership and trade association for the technology community in Northern Virginia. As the largest technology council in the nation, NVTC serves about 1,000 companies and organizations, including businesses from all sectors of the technology industry, service providers, universities, foreign embassies, non-profit organizations and government agencies. Through its member companies, NVTC represents about 300,000 employees in the region.

  • London Internet Exchange Northern Virginia (LINX NoVA)

    Following discussions with the US network community, and its own members, LINX launched an open peering exchange in North America known as LINX NoVA. LINX believes that the LINX mutual model for IXPs is the best for the good of the Internet. Supported by LINX members, the LINX NoVA exchange echoes the aims of the North American community as represented by the Open-IX initiative

  • North American Network Operators Group (NANOG)

    NANOG is the professional association for Internet engineering,architecture and operations. Our core focus is on continuous improvement of the data transmission technologies, practices, and facilities that make the Internet function. NANOG is a membership organization organized as an 501(c)3 non-profit. NANOG members are typically drawn from the core engineering and product staffs of the major North American carriers, content providers, hosting and cloud companies, multi-tenant data centers, and interconnection service providers.

  • Open-IX Association (OIX)

    OIX is an internet community effort to improve the landscape of internet peering and massive-scale interconnection. OIX encourages the development of neutral and distributed internet exchanges, while promoting uniform standards of performance for interconnections backed by the internet community. The Association aims to promote common and uniform specifications for data transfer and physical connectivity, and improve overall internet performance by developing criteria and methods of measurement to reduce the complexity that restricts massive-scale interconnection in fragmented markets.

  • Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC)

    PTC is a global non-profit membership organization promoting the advancement of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the Pacific Rim, the most dynamic geography of the world, spanning over 40 nations. Alongside technology interests, the PTC fosters academic, developmental, regulatory and legal perspectives. PTC organizes conferences, exhibitions, and other forums to promote the open exchange of information, ideas and views in the context of the commercial, social, economic, and other development needs in the regions it serves and beyond.